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Hearing Aid Sports Lock

Heightened hearing for athletes and music lovers, the speaking locks make sure you never miss a thing.

Resound Hearing Aid Sports Lock

This Lock is designed to keep your surefit speakers locked to your listening position while you play sports, this Lock also feedback from all of your speakers so you can keep your sound quality. Looking for a surrogate to keep your resound hearing Aid speakers in order? It's got you covered! This one-pack of retention locks comes in alloys and metals makes it uncomplicated to keep them locked up while you're on the go, this hearing Aid sport locks is a terrific substitute to keep your hearing easily and securely. The locking system ensures that there is never a moment's freedom to lose your hearing, the sport locks ensures that your hearing is safe from noise, noise production and damage. This is a Lock that will keep your hearing Aid from falling out and leaving you with hearing losses, it is manufactured from stainless steel and gives a headphone jack for straightforward charging. It is available from the seller for $10.